Our discovery in Distillery District, thoughtful of him

Once, my boyfriend and I were having a walk at Distillery District in Downtown Toronto. We visited a shop that was selling handmade pieces. There we noticed a bracelet with an engraved pendant. It had the shape of a pair of birds and a meaningful note on it. My boyfriend bought the necklace as a gift for me. In a short time, the piece became my favorite. I would wear it every day. Unfortunately, one day I noticed that the pendant is missing from the bracelet. It made me very sad since it was carrying special meaning for me.

One day my friend and I were studying for an exam in a library. When we came back from a break, I found a small box on my desk. Inside was a new pendant, slightly different than the initial one I had. I figured my boyfriend left for me to cheer me up. Out of all the gifts I have received so far - That one was my favorite! - Narmin, Chemist

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